Art week journal #1

Hi people! I plan that every Friday to make a blog post where to post pictures with what I had drew in a week. To talk a little about what inspired me and if applicable, what I have learned during the week.

Today I let you with pictures for what I drew during 10-16 April.

Before this week, and before to start to draw again, I used to sketch mandalas. Though I loved to do them, because I think I am obsessed with symmetry, at one point I felt like it was draining me because I was putting so much pressure on myself to draw lines as perfectly as I could, and constantly compared myself with other artist that are having years and years of experience behind. And at one point I decided to take a break. It was the best decision!

During this break I continued to watch some of my favorite artists on YouTube and also to discover new ones. And the new one that drove me to start drawing, and specifically to draw botanicals, was Shayda Campbell. I just feel in love with her work, with how she is explaining and how easy it makes it look. Because it is easy! As long as you stop judging yourself and just enjoy drawing!

This was like a revelation to me! Now I am looking forward for that time in the day when I dedicate myself to drawing!

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