Art week journal #2

Hi people! Hope you are doing and feeling great! How was this week for you? Any progress with reading or art?

Regardless, here is what I drew during 17-23 April. I didn’t do a drawing every day because 2 of them are a little more complicated and had to work more on the shading for them. This is the reason why I absolutely loved to work on them this week. Took me longer but it felt very relaxing and meditative to do so.

This week I have realized that I like more to work with some background noise, specifically some YouTube commentary videos. Even if I’m not paying attention at them, it feels like is giving me some energy in a way. It’s a strange concept, I am aware of it, but it is what it is.

And in terms of inspiring artist, this week I have rediscovered one of my favorite botanicals drawing account on Instagram. Her handle is @alicelovesdrawing, for anyone interested in her. She is posting, besides pictures with her drawings, small videos of how she is drawing them. Her channel is amazing and if you are interested in drawing plants, please check her out. You will have a lot of useful things to learn. And, as a matter of fact, 2 of my drawings of this week are inspired by her work. The one on the toned paper and the yellow flower.

Hope you will enjoy my work! If you have any feedback, or want any details, please comment bellow. Also, you can follow me on Instagram for more posts and stories. All my links are in the right side.

Take care of you and do what you love! See you next Friday!

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