Review #3: The Fortress by S. A. Jones

Jonathon Bridge’s arrival at The Fortress – a society run and populated by women – begins with a recitation of the conditions of his stay: he is forbidden to ask questions, to raise his hand in anger, and to refuse sex. 

Jonathon has offered himself as a supplicant in The Fortress after his pregnant wife Adalia discovered the ugly sexual violence pervading his top-tier firm. She has agreed to continue their fractured relationship on the condition he enter The Fortress for one year.

Jonathon is utterly unprepared for what will happen to him over the course of the year – not only to his body, but his mind and his heart.

This absorbing, confronting and moving novel asks questions about consent, power, love and fulfilment. It asks what it takes for a man to change, and whether change is possible without a radical reversal of the conditions that seem normal.

The FortressThe Fortress by S.A. Jones

E-ARC provided by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. My opinions are my own and are not affected in any way.

DNF at 28%

It is really a shame that I had to DNF this book. It put into a reading slump so bad that for about 3 weeks I despised reading. And to accept this, that I despised reading, it is really hurting me. Though I have tried so hard to understand and to see past those dry words! Past those hurtful words! I expected to read about strong women showing men how to understand the gravity of some of their actions and helping them to see that there are better ways to be a man in a dystopian society.
And what do you think I got?! At least for those 28% that I managed to get through.
I got a bunch of women treating men like slaves. Allowing pedophiles near underaged girls. Sexually herasing and assaulting men, men who did these things before to come to their so called Fortress. And these women, they are supposed to “heal” or something like this those men with this kind of behavior, and in some cases, like with pedophiles, to turn them into nothing, whatever that sould mean.
Now, my question is, how can you say, or assume, or suppose, or whatever, that your women only society is helping with the misbehavior of men, when they do the exact same things that the men did outside their Fortress, but with a smile on their faces and with sensual voice and the kind of sayings “Oh, whatever you are called, sorry I ordered you to fuck me but I didn’t noticed that your knees were on the bare ground.”?! And then sassy giggling! How is this supposed to better the men’s thinking and behavior? How is, stripping them of all they have, material and psychological, supposed to make them understand that women are not sexual slaves?!
How, in the Universe’s name, save the world if you put a bomb in the middle of those who put one in your society first?!…
I just can’t understand this book, or what is trying to say. It’s a mean and sick book, presenting itself with a superior smirk…




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