Art week journal #4

Hello everyone! Did you have a good art week? I hope so!

This current art journal is for the week of May 2nd – 8th May. In this week I had started and completed my biggest art project so far. It was a mandala on 24×36 cm, for the room of mini Bee. Took me about 30 hours and I have worked 4 days just on this one. Initially I have thought to let it just inked, but at one point I said it will be fun to let mini Bee chose the colors for his mandala. And he chose yellow and orange! Perfect for a sunny mandala! I had some doubts when I saw what colors he chose, I have to be honest, but it turned out so beautiful! And you can see for yourself in the image below.

Beside this mandala, I have drew another one, on toned paper, just inked, and some hours before to post this art journal, I had draw the leaf. About the leaf… Well, I don’t know if I like or not the end result, but I need to have in mind that I did it just to experiment this idea that I had it in my mind. Either way, I really enjoyed drawing the lines in the background! It was so relaxing that I honestly consider doing this again tonight before sleeping! Just lines. Simple lines.

And speaking about sleep. Gotta go draw some little more!

Enjoy! And until next week, take care of yourselves!

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