Art journal #5

Hello everyone! Long time no see. At least for the art journal.

Well, things are like this:

I was feeling something is off when it came to my art, but even with this I continued to draw almost every day. Mostly mandalas or, as it turnes out, sketches. Usually I didn’t allow myself to sketch, I was so focused on finished, polished pieces, that even if I was hearing almost everyone in the art world stating how important is to sketch, I didn’t do it. Even if I knew that progress comes smother and more naturally in this way. I still didn’t allow myself to do it.

About a month ago I took a 2 weeks break from Instagram. For anyone that doesn’t know, there I post more often my drawings. One of the main reasons that I took this break, beside some personal reasons and to educate myself about Black Lives Matter movement, was because I was starting to feel drain out, to feel the pressure of posting each 2 days. This rhythm took out most of my pleasure for drawing, and was putting me in a constant stress on coming up with ideas for drawings. Needless to say, it was starting to feel like a chore, so I had to take this break.

For a couple of days I didn’t draw, and did my best to not think at it. Then, I started to sketch faces, to exercise my face proportions. Next day I just practiced a bunch of crosshatching. Day after, some calligraphy exercises. And so on, almost every day I did something different. I was sketching what I was feeling in the moment, without to think at something else.

Then, something like out of the blue, I had this idea to sketch a wing. Just a quick, simple, graphite sketch. Ha! I didn’t expect for the inspiration to come like that. The sketch turned into a beautiful A6 surreal illustration.

After I finished it, I realized that this is the result of me letting go of the pressure and listening to my feelings. Not forcing myself to draw something so I can have what to post on Instagram regularly, I feel like it was the best thing that I did so far in regards of my art. Before, I didn’t want to allow myself to sketch, as I said in the beginning, but also, to work at a piece more than let’s say 10 hours. The only few exceptions were a few A4 mandalas, at some months distance between them.

Now, I am able to feel free when I sketch, to really feel the joy and happiness that it comes with it, and to take pleasure in every second that I spend working at a finished illustration. I just draw what I feel like I want to draw, I try new techniques, I return to some mediums that I am very interested in.

Also, after this break I worked a full weekend at my most favorite piece so far, an architecture illustration.

Other works that I made after my break, are a set of 5 postcards for my future mother-in-law, and a “Draw this in your style” illustration, for the challenge that Claire Chi (Instagram @claritychiart) is hosting on her Instagram page.

So, ok, that’s it for today’s post. Hope my experience will help at least one artist, but the more the better!

Take care of yourselves, be kind and spread love!

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